Audit This

When you find that you’ve become little more than
a maker and mover of well formatted pieces of paper.

When your creative days end
with endless data entry and you dream of
checkboxes carved into the cell walls of your skull.

When you find yourself staring at pile after pile
of heart breakingly white pages
outlining strategic visions,
facilitation plans,
and means of leveraging client relationships
                to generate positive, upward traction
                                in a dynamic market environment.

When all you hear at night in the echo chamber quiet
                is the fingernail scrape and squeal
                of a sharpie pen
                ticking off compliances
                                like seconds on a time bomb

When all of the beautiful miracle goop
of a mind
is poured out into the microsoft square moulds
of excel spreadsheets
and filed away in clean white spiral binders
                that no one, anywhere,
                for any reason, would ever want to open.



Go in early,
turn off the smoke alarm,
take a mouthful of metho,
hold a burning photocopier manual
in front of your face,
and be a fire breather again.

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