And anyway, how the f*ck do you ‘spill’ leadership?

This game is old and dull
this diadem swapping drama

We speak like these things matter
like the meaning of these things are ends
of things

when these ends are just means
to other ends and other things,

Like a leadership spill on the caucus floor
has any gravity at all

Blood on the floor of the senate
now that meant something

Let Caesar bare his throat
Let all throats be bared and see what ends are meant
But there’s no end

The Empire never really ended

Rome never fell

It just snuck out the back door
during a press conference
when no one was watching
joined the hippie trail
and ended up in the back room of a
bar in Turkey

Where it lived out its days
smoking water pipes
and watching saintly Turkish hipsters dance
and fuck

Rome knew where things were headed
so it just upped and left

I hear Canada is nice.

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