pedestrian crossing

International folks, this is the work of a visceral and elegant local writer and performer Eleanor Jackson. As well as that, she is a driving force in the Queensland poetry community. Read this… It won’t be the last piece from her that you read…I guarantee it.

eleanor j jackson

While I, at times,
would gladly
dismember it myself
the lights seem to take
a long time to change
as I am dissected
from the car window.

A slice from jowl to belly
for the guy in the backseat
a hunk of flank to hindquarter
for the fellow in the front.

The sunshine is almost
Buddhist calm
(why am I so hateful
when it is surely harmless)
but I’ve always been
a pleasing sort
and I know that they want
something naked
slippery and wet.

So with a sharp
jolt that
pulls the lips
right back

I bare my teeth.

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