school poets yup

Something different today.  Not sure if this is the right medium  but let’s have a go anyway…

For those who don’t know, I’m a teacher at a high school in Brisbane and over the last month or so, Scott Sneddon and I have been working on developing a little crew of performance poets and will be running a school slam at the end of next week. Massive success so far. Really impressive work coming from the kids.

So here’s the next step.

I can see a lot of potential to go beyond just what we are doing at school. We have interschool sport, interschool debating, I wanna make some kind of interschool poetry thing happen.

So here’s the request: if you are reading this and you’re a teacher in Queensland who is interested in doing something similar, or you know someone who is, then I want to have a conversation.

Move you mustangs
spit bridle run
flint shod shoes on hard dark
split light upshot sparks
hard dark

5 thoughts on “school poets yup”

    1. They are pretty amazing. A few are open mic ready already mate. Might see some new faces at speedpoets before the year is out.

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