How have we come back to this

The pacific seems calmer than it is,
its tongue weighted
by the quiet of white guilt,
a knot now in all of our throats.

At my back there is so much earth,
every inch of it stolen
and stained red,
a rock held to the skull
and a wail of grief.

So much dirt
but so it seems,
not enough to share.

Somewhere beyond the horizon
a fishing boat is sinking,
carrying the signifying dead,
the ghosts of law
and whatever dignity we had left.

Dear Kevin,
This year,
we’re none of us

International people, you might have seen in the media recently ,coverage of the fact that we in Australia are currently counting down to an election and of the recent decisions by our standing government to pursue a much more aggressive policy towards deterring asylum seekers from coming to Australia. Essentially, any asylum seekers who arrive in Australia ‘by boat’ will now be moved directly to Papua New Guinea. I consider this one of the most devastating decisions that a government that claims to represent me has ever made.  Here’s a link to an article that explains and critiques the policy much more articulately than I ever could.

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