Shall we give o’er and drown

All lost! to prayers, to prayers! all lost!
-The Tempest

I am afraid that one day I may be left stranded inside myself
that this ocean I have carried for so long
and through such heavy years

will reach up out of itself
and into my insides
and will look for a way out

And in finding that there is no way out but up
it will move in that direction
and I will be left here
with only 
my bones
and the fish that moved too slow.

See I carry mermaids in me
their songs move quietly through me
like tsunamis in waiting 

like slow falling depth charges
I have the largest collection of sunken ships 

in the slack of my ribs
their backs broken by stormy women
and perfectly bad weather

they went down so well
such stoic noble Captains

strapped to their wheels


all rum tongues
 and wet songs

they have spilled their chests full of gold on my floor
I have such a shining floor in me

I have such a shining flaw

Above me there is such sky
when the strange fish with the dangling lights come hunting
you will see stars sparking through the dark on the roof of my skull
I have gathered them there
eyes plucked from the faces of such angelic nights
I have flung them so far into space
it would break your heart to see just the space
where they once hung
so come 

you lonely sailors

you bed sheet sails
come you travellers
you rusty swords

you rotting boards
you ragged claws
walk into the water with me
feel the sand between your toes
take two steps up my spine
and know that you
that you

can walk on water

When you stand in this light
your spine 
looks like 33 stacked sapphires
or 33 prayer beads
or 33 miracles

or the area code to Paris
where I felt so polished and gentled

along with all the other marble in the basement
a broken bottle made smooth
by all the ‘I forgive you’ in you 

In Paris 

where I loved you

where I loved you so hard 
that fuck me
I think I could have died
and everything
would have been just fine

So rise tsunami
 you sapphire spine
I will swim in you all summer
rise you holy ocean
I’ll deliver all of this to you

and promise calm waters
so rise you aching ocean
and I will load my coat with stones 

and walk into you.

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