Three for Thanatos

look down the hill and see smoke curling
from the furnace at the hospital

watch the vapoured ghosts of burnt dermis
of limp unwanted limbs shrugged off
of blind eyes plucked and set aside
and cast in clouds to sky
that hangs carcinoma blue

in the mirror search for symptoms
conduct fluorescent inquisitions over unfamiliar spots
note shape and colour and consistency of surface
examine texture and solidity of boundary

above your bed in sun lit cubes of air
see motes of skin shucked off
and floating in an an ebbing tide of light
moving back into the coil

do not become anxious/ become anxious
live long and bear offspring/ examine offspring
do not flee from pathogens/ flee from pathogens
be fit and well/ grow slow and round
do not think of/ think of nothing but
the slow and backward alchemy
of a body gone to ground

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