Ludicrous project #2

So I’ve been toying for a couple of months with the kernel of a project… Basically a post apocalyptic verse novel… Yeah I know… WTF right?

I figure this will be a self published job if it gets anywhere. Either way, this will be my first foray into anything of any great length and that in itself is kinda exciting. So for those interested here’s a little taste…

‘a good place’

She is playing at the foot of the dunes,
filling her pockets with
handfuls of sand.
‘Dust,’ she says, for when
we want to fly
     and over the water,
to whatever waits
beyond the break.

At the water’s edge,
men begin to gather,
thousand yard staring
into the grey.

‘This would be a good place,’
she says.

A place to lay down and wait,

to turn to sand,
to shed our skin
and be pulled apart by crabs.

To offer ourselves up,
willing and humming,
as fresh hearts
to whatever gods are left.

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