Another taste of this ludicrous project…

You might remember I posted recently about a post apocalyptic verse novel I’m working on… If not… Well… I’m working on a post apocalyptic verse novel (and now you’re up to speed).

Anyways, thought I’d drop another drafty piece on this bloggy thing to give you lovely people another taste. As always, feedback is welcome!

These set aside things

How we, having then good reason
to look up, and speak smiling,
named each waking planet and star,
each spark, born again each night.

How your fingers would unfold
from fists into the blue light,
imagining if only they
would stretch a little higher,

they could pluck and hold
whole stars, whole engines
of hydrogen and fire
in your tiny palm.

How one night, I saw you reaching,
as Prometheus, thief of fire,
towards a waking Venus,
and saw jealous Zeus for what he was.

How I slept in splayed dreams
haunted by thump of eagle wings,
til you woke next morning singing
wonders to diamonds in the sky.

Now we, broke open and thin,
have set aside such things.
Now, under a sky thick
and malignant, our livers

turn to dust, and regrow daily
as ghosts. We, looping iterations of
long dead myth, are bone poems,
we are spoken-only selves.

These songs- fast fading echoes,
from when we sought out proof of gods
in the grey indifference
of distant spinning rocks.

3 thoughts on “Another taste of this ludicrous project…”

    1. Thanks Dom. I don’t know quite how to describe what I’m aiming for either…maybe something similar to the kind of aesthetics in Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road”

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