A verse novel update!


Progress has slowed a little this month thanks to the holidays but here’s another little taste from a draft piece. The intent here is to capture a small town falling apart as the world does the same around it. As always, feedback is welcomed.

As things fell apart

some talked of going underground,
of burying themselves alive
in doomsday bunkers dug
beneath the red and waiting earth.

Some just walked off into landscape,
shouldering packs heavy as the sky,
to cabins and hunting shacks to wait for it,
whatever it would be, to come and to pass.

Some stood struck dumb and watched,
as the town turned to the gun,
trapped as static, lost in the loop,
moving only to keep in motion

while power shed all politeness, cast off
its clothes and stood, a rough beast naked,
hammer cocked, barrel smoking in the street
and declared its slouching self the law.

2 thoughts on “A verse novel update!”

  1. I really like this, it does carry an impact, perhaps a tiny bit more on myself because reading it reminded me of the bombing of my country and how people around me were behaving and the overal atmosphere of that situation.

    I wish you a Happy New Year! 🙂

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