Advice for grieving (littoral)


find your broken self
                               at ocean’s edge,
as lonely as the earth,

pack light (again),
        dress warm for it will,
                  in your mythic letting go,
        be most apt to grieve in winter

 signify your grief through some
           well-worn cliche of place:
                       grey sky perhaps,
                                 grey sand,
                               grey waves,
                you alone in landscape

contemplate        some        grand
     though trite performative,
            perhaps a walk into the waves
     in a woolen coat to weight you,
 your leaden bones

                     or perhaps
                    haunted by            your albatross,
               think your love           another creaking ship
             dashed and torn            against the reef,
            a hull now holed            and gushing,
                                               swallowing the sea

       see all you’ve built
              now rendered as
        a     splintered     wreckage    washed    to    shore
                     and lost as flotsam in the shallows

or if, in attempt to end yourself,
                    you beg the sky to

                                                      it will
  as    you,    falling    brutally    to    pieces,
         weep your grief out to the grey,
            cast your salt at last to salt
               and make of your loss
                    a second sea.