Fall (II)

IMAG0131 (2)

Another quick little example from the verse novel draft that I’m getting close to finishing up. Enjoy!

I see you now, crouched beside her in the sand,
explaining the slow cosmology of endings,
as she, my only light,
plucks from flotsam at the waterline
a starfish, carried in by night, discarded by the sky,
cast to sea and washed ashore as common as the tide

Perhaps, this ceaseless grey,
this rising, ashen quiet
is the coming of an end to things,
and we, the orphaned notes of a song now fading out,

If so, then perhaps a pact between
the water and the shore could yet be made,
brokered by this light that sings between us,
the ocean of you, calling all my bones,
now casting up a starfish,
as an echo of a sky
that birthed such a light as this,
a light that lashes me to shore,
that stills and sures the ache of me
when all reason says to turn to sea
and go.

One thought on “Fall (II)”

  1. you words brought me back to a life-time of living near the ocean. I now live in central Brazil inside the floresta which has its own specialness. Still, when a poem touches a memory, a feeling, a hope, truly it is art, creativity from Source. Your poem offers this to me and I thank you. hugs pat

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