in which iphicles imagines (drowning)



in everything i write
there is a drowning scene

in which the body is
and isn’t water

in which everything is

and being swallowed


i want to blame everything
on where we are in history

                              (which is to say:
                               ‘observed or not
                               the boy is always


and sometimes there is a return,
sometimes not

sometime a witness,
sometimes not


i dream (and it is like this) –

eyes filling first with blue
and bursting out from in
/ erasing /
/ boundaries /
/ seeing everything /

and then the world is named
( a grief  )  ( a grief  )  ( a grief  )

all i want
is to make ‘blue’ a name
for bursting out

as leaving is 

i will tell my brother one day:
it was panic first
a churning blue ( inversion )
then something resembling quiet

that the moment before he pulled me
from the water
hauled me up by the hair
i thought “a thing like this is not so bad”

that there should a name
for this colour of water

a grammar for the pressing in

for the “okay then” of outward breath
(such pretty bubbles rising)


and then the sudden rushing in.

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